Teaching experience

2019 24 September. The value of preclinical systematic reviews in translational research. Continuous education. Models and insights in translational research, Goethe University, Faculty of Medicine, Frankfurt am Main
2019 26 August. Systematic Reviews of animal studies: the broader context. PhD course systematic reviews. Aarhus University
2019 20 + 27 June. Laboratory Animal Science for Dentistry students. Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen
2019 25 June. Systematic reviews and meta-analysis. ESLAV-ECLAM summer school, Stockholm
2019 5 June. Is er wel wetenschappelijk bewijs voor nut en noodzaak van dierproeven? Minisymposium Translational Medicine. Student Association Hygieia. Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Utrecht University
2019 23 May. Top 10 tips for successfully publishing impactful in vivo research. Charles River webinar. https://www.criver.com/resources/webinar-pi-rm-top-10-tips-successfully-publishing-impactful-vivo-research
2019 14 May. Systematic reviews of preclinical studies. Master students One Health AMC Amsterdam
2019 7 March. 5 September Systematic reviews of animal studies. Karolinska Institute, Function B course Stockholm
2019 Organisation of 4 Function B laboratory animal science courses at the Radboud University (Medical Center)
2018 Educational tool Printeger (Promoting Integrity as an integral dimension of excellence in research). Module on animal studies: https://printeger.eu/upright/toc/animal-studies/why-do-animal-studies/
2018 14 October. Reporting guidelines. ECLAM-ESLAV preconference workshop on publishing your science. Barcelona
2018 12 November. ESLAV webinar. Systematic Reviews in (bio)medical research and translation
2018 12 June. Education on One Health. Visiting students from AMC, Amsterdam
2018 20 March. Examiner Master thesis Annie Cambell, Aachen University, International Master in Laboratory Animal Science
2018 15 March, 20 September. Systematic Reviews of preclinical studies. Karolinska Institute, Function B course, Stockholm
2017 13 September, Ethics animal studies, Aarhus University, Denmark
2017 10 August, Implementation of Systematic Reviews, Radboud Summer School, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
>2016 25 May, 9 November 2016, 10 May 2017. Systematic reviews of animal studies, Replacement, Transport and acclimatization. Karolinska Institute, Function B course, Stockholm
>2005 FELASA category C courses Laboratory Animal Science Nijmegen, Deputy course organiser. Lectures “introduction in Laboratory Animal Science” and “Nutrition”
2012 – 2014 Lectures in national workshops SYRCLE in cooperation with ZonMW: Towards more evidence based translation. Training on Systematic Reviews in (pre)clinical research.
>2014 Lecture Systematic Reviews in Master course in Laboratory Animal Science (FELASA category D), Barcelona
>2010 Lecture systematic reviews of animal studies for evidence-based medicine students
>2008 Lecturing on the ethical aspects on the use of laboratory animals to biomedical students
2004 Felasa accreditation awarded for the course in lab. animal science for scientists (category C) at the University of Southern Denmark
>1997 Lecturing on laboratory animal science and comparative medicine at pre- and postgraduate level (biology students, PhD courses medical faculty, etc.)
1997 – 2005 Responsible for the organisation of courses in laboratory animal science for students and scientists at the University of Southern Denmark
1997 – 2005 Responsible for the organisation of postgraduate courses in experimental microsurgery at the University of Southern Denmark
2002 – 2005 Responsible for the organisation of courses in laboratory animal science for technicians (category B) at the University of Southern Denmark
>1987 Teaching as a lecturer in laboratory animal science courses (Cat C and B) at:
Utrecht University; Rotterdam University; Copenhagen University;
Amsterdam University ; Radboud university;
Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen;
Aarhus University; Agricultural University Foulum;
Helsinki University, Kuopio University, Scandinavian-Baltic-Russian Courses;
Barcelona University (Cat. C and D)

Topics: introduction in laboratory animal science and comparative medicine, animal models, nutrition, handling, literature analysis, genetics/transgenesis, autopsy exercises, occupational health, quality systems, handling exercises, anatomy, biology and husbandry, ethics
1981 – 1982 Student teacher at dog anatomy practical classes for first year veterinary students, Utrecht University, The Netherlands