Experience in boards

>2020 Co-chair preclinical working group Ensuring Value in Research Funder Forum.
>2018 Representing the UNL (Organisation of universities in the Netherlands) in the transition team towards animal-free innovations in the Netherlands
>2016 Board member Evidence Synthesis International
>2016 Member “Medische Adviesraad” Reumazorg Nederland
>2006 Member TRAIN (Three R’s Alternatives Initiating Network)
>2004 Member of the grants board of the ESLAV-ECLAM foundation
>1998 Member of the Council of Management, Laboratory Animals Ltd.
2020 – 2022 Member “Stuurgroep streefbeeld transitie proefdiervrije innovaties in het onderwijs – VSNU en NFU”
2019 President elect ECLAM
2018 – 2022 Member of Radboud Platform voor Geluk
2018 – 2020 Member Scientific Advisory Board, 3R Competency Center, Switzerland
2017 – 2021 Member of Executive Committee of ‘Healthy Society’, a multidisciplinary research Consortium at the Radboud University
2016 – 2018 Secretary ECLAM
2015 Secretary elect ECLAM
2009 – 2014 Chair of the Executive Committee of Laboratory Animals Ltd. www.lal.org.uk
2008 – 2012 Member of the “Centrale Commissie Dierproeven (CCD)”, central advisory committee on animal experimentation for the ministry
2007 – 2007 Member of the FELASA accreditation board for teaching and training, www.felasa.eu
2007 Member Editorial Council “Grenzen aan de zorg”, NFU (Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra)
2006 – 2011 Member of the ZonMW committee on 3R Alternatives, The Netherlands
2006 – 2010 Member Raad van Toezicht, Stichting Informatie Dierproeven (SID)
2006 Chair of the scientific quality committee of the ZonMW fund for alternatives,
The Netherlands (wetenschappelijke kwaliteitscommissie)
2006 – 2007 Member of the national Committee on Biotechnology (CBD), The Netherlands
2005 – 2006 President of the FELASA board (www.felasa.eu)
2004 – 2009 Chair of the COST working group on Refinement of procedures, COST action B24: Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare
2004 – 2009 Member of the Management committee of COST action B24
2003 – 2009 Member of the Executive Committee, Laboratory Animals Ltd. (www.lal.org.uk). Since 2008 Vice-chair
2000 – 2004 Vice-president for the working groups in the FELASA Board
2001 – 2004 Chairperson Ethical Review Committee H. Lundbeck A/S, Denmark
2001 – 2003 Study leader in the research group of the Center for Bioethics (leader Prof. Dr. Phil. Peter Sandoe) focussing on the ethics and welfare of genetically modified mice
2000 Member of the central Danish Ethical Review Committee, representing the Danish Agricultural and Veterinary Research Council
2000 – 2002 Member of the “programmacommissie Zorgonderzoek Nederland”, providing funding to Dutch projects on alternatives
1999 – 2000 Member of the FELASA board, representing ScandLAS
1997 – 2005 Danish representative in ICLAS for the Danish Agricultural and Veterinary Research Council
1993 – 1996 Member of the FELASA Board, representing the NVP
1991 – 1996 Secretary and President of the NVP Board